Trade your Single for a Dual Control with 1 wheel (as low as $2695) or Dual Control with 2 wheels (as low as $3095)

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New FAA-PMA Control Wheels

Convert to a large style Ram's Horn wheel with a Control Wheel Upgrade Kit.

Aileron Trimmer
Hints and tips for removing and reusing Aileron Trimmers.

Push-to-Talk Switches are available with Cygnet Control Wheels. Ask about them when placing your order.

New Product! Powder Canister
Cygnet's Commercial Powder Coating Canisters are of the same high quality as the aircraft parts they are used to manufacture.

Dual Yoke
Cygnet Aerospace is the Premier Manufacturer of New FAA-PMA Dual Controls.

New Product! Trim Switch
Replacement for the S-Tec autopilot Trim Switch.

Leather Wrap
Add custom Leather Wrap to your new Control Wheels.

Cygnet Aerospace is proud to manufacture All New Products
with all parts Made in the USA!

Wheel Adapter
Wheel Adapters allow Cygnet wheels to be installed on a variety of aircraft with tube-type control columns.

Davtron Chronometers can be installed in Cygnet control wheels.

Featured Product! Nose Gear Brace
A new Nose Gear Brace to replace that old corroded one. See the corrosion pictures on the product page.

GPS Bracket
GPS Mounting Brackets come in kits, so if you change your mind and change your Dual Control orientation you're still covered.

Yoke Lock
Protect a new or old investment with the Yoke Security Lock.

Flight Desk
Get great accessories like the Cygnet Flight Desk Chart Holder.

Beech Chart Holder
Cygnet also offers the Beech Control Chart Holder that mounts onto the OEM arm.

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