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Dual Control Arm
For all models or Beech aircraft with a center control column.

Cygnet Part #: CA35-221
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The Cygnet Aerospace Dual Control Assembly is a 100% new FAA-PMA approved universal design. Our one part fits all 56 Beech aircraft models with the center control column.

Our Dual Control Assembly was designed by an award winning engineer with 25 years in aircraft and high technology design. During the control's approval process, the FAA deemed the functionality and design were so similar to the Beech part, an STC was not required thus making this a direct replacement PMA part.

Your existing Aileron Trim can almost always be removed and reused from your single to your dual control, and we recommend you do this. Click here for complete instructions on how to remove your Aileron Trim.

The Dual Control Assembly can be installed either "Vee" up or "Vee" down in the single engine aircraft, and "Vee" up on the twins. Mounting holes are located in the top and bottom center of the control housing. These are threaded for #10-32 screws and are intended for the Cygnet Flight Desk (Chart-Holder).

Average basic installation time is only one hour. Additional components such as push-to-talk circuitry, map lighting, clocks, and new auto pilot and trim controls will increase installation time. Consult your avionics / maintenance personnel for an exact time estimate.

The Dual Control Assembly retains the same configuration and appearance as the factory model, but the design is much improved. Easily removable access panels allow for easy chain lubrication, inspection and maintenance.

The Cygnet Dual Control Assembly eliminates Airworthiness Directives
AD 62-08-03 R1 and AD 71-24-10 R1 on Beech yokes.

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  • Dual control arm
  • Control wheels available in package deals, see pricing page
  • Installation instructions

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